Fire Place AC Repair and Installation is a leading provider of the best HVAC services in the country. We have being working smart to make sure that we deliver the best services to our customers. Even though the company has not achieved the major success that we anticipated, we believe and know that we are on the right track and soon will be recognized and the global leader in provision of HVAC services.

Here are some of the key pillars that our company is founded on.

Licensed HVAC service company

There are a number of licenses and strict guidelines that all the companies offering furnace repair and installation as well as AC repair and installation are needed to adhere to if they want to get to the next level. We are proud of the fact that we are among the few licensed service companies. We have retained this license for years and this is a major proof that we actually have what it takes to make a huge impact in this industry.

Expert Repairer and Installers

The pillars of our business are our personnel. If they are happy we are happy and we also know that the clients will be satisfied with the services that we are going to offer them. They are experts with many many years of experience in this industry as well as good understanding of the various air conditioners and furnace models in the market. They will work to make sure that the furnace is installed or repaired as per the set guidelines. They will also use the modern systems and tools that we give them to ensure that the AC is well installed.

No Obligation Consultation

We have a policy that allows us to deliver quality services to our customers and this is a no-obligation consultation policy. This policy is specifically tailored to make sure that our clients understand the processes that are involved in the installation and repairs. They also get an opportunity to interact with industry leaders and to know that we are concerned about their well-being.

Emergency Services

There are times that you will require emergency heater repairs services because the AC or furnace has broken down without showing any prior signs. As a result, we have worked smart to come up with a response team of experts and modern vans that we use to offer emergency services to our customers. These services are priced differently due to the challenges that we often face such as bad weather, but I can assure that they are not too expensive or beyond your reach.

Fair Pricing

We have a fair pricing policy that caters for our customers. We would hate to offer a set of services that are way beyond what our customers can afford. Call us to get information about the prices of our services and what you can expect from us.

Finally, we will do our best to deliver on what we say we will. Call us for the best furnace repair and AC repair as well as any other related service package.